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About me

About me

November 9, 2014

I’m a healthy food enthusiast living in The Netherlands who discovered that once you go healthy there’s no hana and juiceturning back.

I am for more than one year gluten free and sugar free. I started this journey because of heavy migraine attacks that were affecting me more and more often.

After hearing/reading from multiple sources that a sugar free and gluten diet might help diminish the attacks, I decided I had to try it, as I had nothing to lose.

There followed a short but tough period in which I felt I was caught up in a sort of grey area in which there was not much I could eat, but with the help of my husband I soon got out of it and started discovering, one step at a time, healthy alternatives to the not so healthy stuff we used to eat.

Soon after this, I started noticing changes in my weight (I lost 7 kilos that were not doing me any good), in my general mood and energy level and also the migraine attacks became less frequent and less painful.

That’s when I decided to start this blog, to share, together with my story, all of my tips and recipes for a healthier, happier you.

♥ Hanna