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Tall, dark and handsome chocolate

November 1, 2015

Good morning all you wonderful chocolate loving people out there!

I keep on reading lately about the benefits of eating chocolate. A bit strange, right? Because ever since we were small kids we were told to lay off the chocolate. On one hand people were giving us chocolate as a reward or a treat and on the other hand we could never eat as much as we wanted because it wasn’t good for us.

Well….luckily stuff changed now that we are all “grown up” :p

So what about those benefits? Well….most of them include the positive effect chocolate has on our hart and arteries, on our weight – a small piece of dark chocolate with low sugar levels keeps us happy, energetic and can satisfy our sweet tooth (without us needing to eat a whole bar). Apparently raw cocoa powder contains a very high level of iron, which helps our bodies heal from different ailments and magnesium which is a natural relaxing mineral.

Anyway, I don’t think I should be trying to convince anyone of how good chocolate is for us, because most of us already love it, but I should start sharing my new favourite homemade dark chocolate recipe, sugar free, guilt free and so so sooo lovely!

Basic ingredients:

  • 4 spoons of solid coconut oil (which you will melt over a bain-marie)
  • 4 spoons of cocoa powder
  • 3 spoons of maple syrup

These three ingredients are already enough for you to make a good dark chocolate. But we won’t stop here. At least for me, the more nice stuff I add to my chocolate, the more I love eating it!

Some special extras:

  • orange peel (cut into small pieces)
  • raisins
  • raw hazelnuts
  • puffed quinoa

…and the list could go on forever. These are the ingredients I have used this time but feel free to use any other type of nuts, cinnamon for a Christmassy touch, dried coconut for a bit of extra aroma, any type of dried berries and whatever goes through your mind and you know you’d like having in your chocolate.

The “How to” part is very easy, too:

First prepare your beautiful extras, so that you have them ready on time.IMG_4085

Then melt the coconut oil over a bain-marie (that’s a fancy term for a small pot placed over a bigger pot of steaming water).

Stir in the cocoa and the maple syrup and line a baking tray with parchment (you won’t need to bake anything, though!)

Pour the now liquid chocolate in the baking tray and spread the extras (for example the orange peel, raisins, hazelnuts and quinoa) all over, quite evenly. You’ll want to have a bit of each in every bite you take.

Then refrigerate. You will be able to enjoy your chocolate in about an hour.

The coconut oil gets back to its solid state when kept at a cool temperature and it keeps all the other ingredients together.

Break the chocolate into pieces and go wild!

IMG_4087 IMG_4088