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Best shrimp salad (ever!)

October 23, 2014
best shrimp salad ever

(2 salads Рappetizer or even main course for the not so big eaters)

You’ll need:

12 tiger prawns (also knows as Asian tiger shrimps) – more shrimps for a bigger appetite
250 grams mixed greens (rocket salad, baby spinach, romaine salad) -the rocket salad is essential for the taste!
1 ripe avocado
1 medium sized red onion
olive oil

How to:

First you’ll need to clean the shrimp. If you bought frozen ones de-freeze them slowly in cold water (they will be good to go in about 15 minutes).

Peel them (again if necessary…because maybe you bought already peeled ones) and most important devein them. Check if they still have that black vein on their back. If they do, remove it gently with the aid of a small and sharp kitchen knife.

Heat a spoon of olive oil in a pan and bake the shrimp on both sides until nicely pink towards golden. In the beginning the raw shrimps are greyish/white and after they cook a bit you will see that they will start turning pink.

When the shrimps are done, you can start preparing the salad. Let the shrimps cool down on a plate, because if you add them hot to the salad, the greens will get soft.

Cut the onion as you like it (bigger pieces if you like the punchy onion taste, or smaller…)
Cut the avocado into two, remove the stone and scoop small avocado pieces from inside with the aid of a teaspoon.

Add salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar according to taste.
In the end add the delicious shrimps.